Secrets of Marketing with Postcards

Postcards are an overlooked, low cost and rarely used marketing tool for the small to medium business. This article discusses a few of the many reasons why you should consider postcards as part of your marketing program.

Postcards are ideal for any business

Postcards are versatile enough to provide scalable marketing for any type of business. Online businesses can use postcards to benefit from increased website traffic, as well as visitors to shops ands sales leads for direct marketing.

Effective design doesn’t need to cost

Designing an effective, high impact doesn’t have to be complicated. There are many websites on the Internet that provide templates and tutorials on creating marketing postcards. Such websites can take the hassle out of the task and make it a pleasurable experience rather than a chore. Postcards often work best when the message is short and to the point and the postcard itself looks at first glance looks like a message from a friend. Goodprint UK Ltd from their website offer full online tutorials and templates on creating marketing postcards for your business.

Printing postcards is inexpensive

Postcards can be professionally printed for a relatively little cost. The quality of your postcards will reflect the quality of your business to your customers. Websites such as Goodprint UK Ltd allow you to have professionally printed postcards from as little as 3 pence per card.

Postcards get read more often than other marketing media

Because postcards are ready to read and aren’t stuffed in envelopes almost everybody will read your marketing message. Advertising in envelopes is easily identified and often thrown in the rubbish without even opening it.

Postcard marketing produces a rapid response

Printing services such as Goodprint UK Ltd can supply your postcards within a few days, your start getting increased sales activity a few days later.

Use postcards to generate website traffic

It is a proven marketing technique to simply list a few benefits of your organisation and then tell the reader where they can find more information. This makes postcards ideal for generating traffic to a website.

Postcards multiply themselves

Postcards are like small advertising boards in that they are easy to handle. They are often kept by recipients or passed on to friends or colleagues …providing more exposure of your advertising message.

Highly targeted marketing

Marketing campaigns can be as targeted as your services require. Simply only send your postcards to mailing lists of prospects that are likely to be interested in your services, or those who have a history of acting on offers that interest them. Mailing lists can be supplied by man various online companies.

Postcards allow you to control sales activity

You can quickly increase (or reduce) your sales activity anytime you wish by simply limiting the number of postcards you send out and altering the frequency at which you send them out at.